Electric man Cobran Trekking 2.0 Bike

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Electric Man Cobran Trekking Bike

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Electric 2.0 bike

Very beautiful and even more powerful pedal assisted bicycle for men, trekking version with electronic 2. or improved.

Designed for urban and extra urban use

This ductile electric bicycle will take you comfortably both in the city and in the extra urban areas. Designed primarily for climbing, this electric bicycle can handle even medium-intensity climbs with dignity. Excellent also for long distances

Alloy frame and suspension fork

For maximum comfort and high performance, this version comes with an all-aluminum frame and is fitted as standard with a suspension fork, thanks to which you will be able to tackle even the most demanding routes

2 years warranty and free shipping


  • alloy frame
  • suspension fork
  • double thickness reinforced aluminum wheels rays 2.2
  • 700×35 anti-hole tires
  • alloy mudguards
  • parcel rack
  • autonomous front LED lighting system
  • rear light system integrated into the main battery
  • 250w motor
  • lcd controller with on-board computer
  • 36v battery 13. ah
  • Shimano 6v exchange
  • alloy brakes

frame size 54

Maximum engine speed 25km

Average autonomy 70-100 km (in optimal conditions with an average assistance power)

The application of electric kits on bicycles is considered a custom-made product, as it is a non-reversible transformation, therefore each order is considered binding and the return cannot be accepted, except for technical problems covered by the warranty the delivery dates are always to be considered indicative, due to the complexity of production, and the changing regulations on the conditions of transport of the batteries, so that possible delays in deliveries must be taken into account


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